بازی Baby Care and Make Up
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نسخه: 1.0.5

Baby Care and Make Up

If you ever wondered how is like to look after a baby this baby game might give you an idea about it because you’ll be assign to take care of a cute little girl who needs an immediately bath and of course the following actions that comes along with the process. To be able to reach the dress up part you have to make sure you accomplish all the steps from the previous phase: the treatment. First you have to check out if her hair needs a haircut and if so you have to do it right away. Once you are done put on the hat to protect her eyes from the water drops and the shampoo. Wet her hair and add some conditioner to smooth her scalp then rub it for few minutes because it’ll confer a fresh and shiny look. Wash her up and then dry her hair, right after that unravel it. Apply a face cream with a touch of glow and go to the next step: the dress up. This is where your artistic skills are used and your imagination should be tested. You have the opportunity to choose a natural make up for this little baby girl and maybe you might want to add some sparkling details to it. The blush is a must have and you’ll be able to put it on the one you think it fits better. You could also choose the color of her eyes, the lipstick you take and the outfit she’ll be wearingeate a sweet combination with colorful accessories

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